The three earliest controversies in the christian religion

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Early Christianity

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The Greatest Controversies of Early Christian History

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The Diversity of Early Christianity

The great controversies of the 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries, which create what we will know as orthodoxy, and in the west, Catholicism, emerge from this very drive to create a a unified body of opinion.

The history of Christianity concerns the Christian religion, Christendom, The earliest controversies were often Christological; that is, A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years () McLeod, Hugh, and Werner Ustorf, eds.

History of Christianity

World Religions What were the three earliest controversies in the Christian religion? Discuss each and explain how Christianity resolved them. Yet, throughout Christian history, compelling controversies have existed surrounding the faith's first three centuries, when it grew from a persecuted sect into a powerful religion.

These controversies bring into question many commonly accepted beliefs about Christianity. With around billion adherents, split into three main branches of Catholic, Protestant and Eastern Orthodox, Christianity is the world's largest religion.

The Christian share of the world's population has stood at around 33% for the last hundred years, which means that one in three persons on earth are Christians.


Christianity, major religion, stemming from the life, teachings, and death of Jesus of Nazareth (the Christ, or the Anointed One of God) in the 1st century ce. It has become the largest of the world’s religions and, geographically, the most widely diffused of all faiths.

The three earliest controversies in the christian religion
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