The slaughter of american horses

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Horse Slaughter

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Flailing beneath the hooves of 30 other terrified horses, last December in a tractor-trailer heading for a Canadian slaughterhouse, once-winning race mare Press Exclusive had lost her balance on the truck, and her place in the world.

Horse Slaughter

Virginia has a long an illustrious history when it comes to Thoroughbred racehorses – a history that includes the legendary Secretariat, a stallion born and raised. Horse slaughter is the practice of slaughtering horses to produce meat for consumption.

Horses for Adoption

Humans have long consumed horse meat; the oldest known cave art, the 30,year-old paintings in France's Chauvet Cave, depict horses with other wild animals hunted by humans. [1]. Online shopping for Books from a great selection of Fiction, Nonfiction & more at everyday low prices. Horses are still being sent to slaughter, across our borders into Canada and Mexico, and the number of American horses sent to slaughter has not decreased since domestic plants closed in Clearly, any increase in neglect or abandonment—as well as any downturn in the horse market—is related to the economic downturn that began the same.

Saving Horses, Inc., was founded in by Audrey Reynolds. After being introduced to the anti-slaughter campaign, and subsequently the world of horse rescue, the number of horses in need of being rescued out of the slaughter pipleline was (and still is) staggering.

The slaughter of american horses
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