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Eastern Africa

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History contributes to a sense of awareness at national and continental levels. The experts might, through con­ crete examples, show the growing importance of the teaching of national his­ tory and African history in the educational systems of their countries, from primary school to university.

The Peopling of Tanzania. Tanzania is one of the ancient regions of the world, as archaeologists have found ample evidence of early human settlements. Archaeological finds have shown that one of the oldest homo species (Homo.

habilis) lived in the plains of Tanzania about million years ago. Tanzania has a long history of internal harmony, but it has troublesome neighbours. In Ugandan dictator Idi Amin ordered his soldiers to invade Tanzania, looting and burning villages along the Kagera River thought to harbour Ugandan rebels.

Coastal cities are of great importance to the history of Tanzania. As early as 6th century CE the natives of Tanzania coastal cities or offshore islands were already trading with the Greek, Arab, Phoenician, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese merchants.

Tanzania today is one of the most visited countries in Africa. It has a stable government for those who live in Tanzania, and is an ideal tourist location filled with safaris, The Serengeti, and Mount Kilimanjaro. A BRIEF HISTORY OF TANZANIA. By Tim Lambert. Ancient Tanzania. The first human beings in Tanzania lived by hunting animals and gathering plants.

Agriculture in Tanzania probably began about 1, BC but the farmers still made wooden and stone tools.

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A Brief History of Tanzania