The issue of the test of remoteness of damage carried out to protect the defendant in breach of thei

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What is a tort?

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Define remoteness of damage in tort?

English Court of Appeal establishes remoteness of damage test

the defendant compensates for damage only if it was within Remoteness in contracts refers to when breach of contract results in the loss of an. In answer to issue 8 the defendant-bank has admitted its obligationto send weekly statements of account to the plaintiff.

Now thequestion arises whether the only way that the bank could havedischarged its obligation of sending weekly statements was by post orwhether delivery of. Business Law Cases Exam.

Tom Denning, Baron Denning


MacAura v Northern Assurance Co Ltd () Directors entered into an agreement to finance the construction of a railway line (carried out by Riche). Co run into difficulties and directors repudiated the contract. As a result, they were in breach of thei.

remoteness of damage

Remoteness Prevents the plaintiff from recovering damages for any item of damage which is, in the circumstances unforeseeable or not within contemplation Mitigation Reduces the plaintiff’s damages to the extent to which the plaintiff ought to have or did avoid the loss in issue Certainty Prevents the plaintiff from recovering damages for any.

English Court of Appeal establishes remoteness of damage test. a contract breaker to be assuming responsibility for damage which would reasonably be contemplated to result from a breach. In negligence, the defendant is liable for any type of damage which is the reasonably foreseeable consequence of its wrongdoing.

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The issue of the test of remoteness of damage carried out to protect the defendant in breach of thei
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remoteness of damage