The history and development of classical liberalism in the 19th century

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Classical liberalism

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Development of classical liberalism

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A movement of Classical liberalism that spread through Europe during the 18th century AKA Age of Reason Age of Reason The belief that people had actual worth in the world and divine intervention was not as real as some thought. Classical liberalism was the dominant political theory in Britain from the early 19th century until the First World War.

Its notable victories were the Catholic Emancipation Act ofthe Reform Act of and the repeal of the Corn Laws in Hence terms such as “market liberalism,” “classical liberalism,” or “libertarianism” are often used in its place in America.

This module shows how liberalism developed in Europe and America in. In Europe, by contrast, liberalism was a transforming force throughout the 19th century. Industrialization and modernization, for which classical liberalism provided ideological justification, wrought great changes.

Classical liberalism

The feudal system fell, a functionless aristocracy lost its. around the globe, and is still shaping the world today. The beliefs of classical liberalism arose in Europe following the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation But classical liberalism was especially influenced by the Enlightenment (or Age of Reason), beginning in the late 17th century and continuing through the 18th century.

A movement of Classical liberalism that spread through Europe during the 18th century AKA Age of Reason Age of Reason The belief that people had actual worth in the world and divine intervention was not as real as some thought.

The history and development of classical liberalism in the 19th century
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