The equal rights amendment

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The Equal Rights Amendment: What you need to know

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57c. The Equal Rights Amendment

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57c. The Equal Rights Amendment

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Equal Rights Amendment passed by Congress

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Equal Rights Amendment

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Among those where it virtual was Florida, where animals voiced their money after the state Senate voted against the ERA in May Learn More in these related Britannica prefaces:. Jun 01,  · Illinois has ratified the Equal Rights Amendment a mere 36 years after the deadline for ratification, 46 years after it passed Congress, and 97 years after it was introduced.

The amendment. Naperville area women's groups plan to spend Tuesday lobbying in support of the federal Equal Rights Amendment. Pregnancy Discrimination. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) is an amendment to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of Discrimination on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions constitutes unlawful sex discrimination under Title VII.

On Aug. 26,a full 50 years after the passage of the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote, 50, feminists paraded down New York City’s Fifth Avenue with linked arms, blocking.

May 31,  · The ERA, which ensures equal treatment for men and women, is more than 90 years old. It's also not an official part of the Constitution -- but it's getting closer.

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution designed to guarantee equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex; it seeks to end the legal distinctions between men and women in terms of divorce, property, employment, and other matters.

Equal Protection Clause

The ERA was originally written by Alice Paul and Crystal Eastman.

The equal rights amendment
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Facts About Pregnancy Discrimination