The election system of sweden

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Elections in Sweden

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Except you vote, you must take ID with you. 10 hours ago · In Sweden’s general election Sept. 9, voters reduced the power of the center-left and center-right parties — while boosting that of a populist, far-right, anti-immigrant party.

The election. Election Authorities: The Swedish Election Authority: The Swedish Election Authority, or Valmyndigheten, is a Government agency responsible for organizing national elections and referendums in Sweden.

The agency began its operations on 1 July when it took over the responsibilities from the Swedish National Tax Board. Sweden's electoral system is based on proportional representation – so the percentage of votes won by each party across the country is intended to be reflected in the composition of the seat Riksdag.

Sweden election: far right makes gains as main blocs deadlocked

In Sweden, general elections are held every four years. Around 7 million people are entitled to vote and thereby influence which political party will represent them in the Swedish parliament (the Riksdag), county councils and municipalities. Sweden's electoral system is based on proportional representation – so the percentage of votes won by each party across the country is intended to be reflected in the composition of the seat Riksdag.

The Swedish general election, scheduled for Sunday 9 Septemberwill elect the members of the Riksdag which in turn will elect the Prime Minister of Sweden. [1] [2] Regional and municipal elections are held the same day.

The Swedish system of government The election system of sweden
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