The chritianization of the scandinavian countries at the end of the viking age

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Christianization of Scandinavia

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The Viking Age And Christianity In Norway

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The realms of Scandinavia proper, Denmark, Norway and Sweden (Sweden is an 11th or 12th century merger of the former countries Götaland and Svealand [1]), established their own Archdioceses, responsible directly to the Pope, inand.

Christianization of Scandinavia

Norway and Sweden The Nordic Reservoir - ScandinaviaMARCH OF THE TITANS - the Christianization of the The Scandinavian countries generally were the the chritianization of the scandinavian countries at the end of the viking age Sweden - The Viking Age: at the end of the Viking era in the 11th century.

In Scandinavia, the Viking age is considered to have ended with the establishment of royal authority in the Scandinavian countries and the establishment of Christianity as the dominant religion.

[ citation needed ] The date is usually put somewhere in the early 11th century in all three Scandinavian countries. The Viking age ended when the raids stopped.

The year is frequently used as a convenient marker for the end of the Viking age. At the Battle of Stamford Bridge, the Norwegian king Haraldr harðráði was repulsed and killed as he attempted to reclaim a portion of.

Aug 21,  · End of the Viking Age The events of in England effectively marked the end of the Viking Age. By that time, all of the Scandinavian kingdoms were Christian, and what remained of Viking “culture” was being absorbed into.

Viking Age

The end of this period brought the Scandinavian countries into close association with the Roman civilization. The Roman Iron Age (a.d. 1 Norway, king. Rich finds of Arabian and Byzantine coins tell of the trade connections between the Orient and the Nordic countries at the time.

"Pre-Viking and Viking Age Norway." Ancient Europe,

The chritianization of the scandinavian countries at the end of the viking age
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