Sugar revolution in the caribbean

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Sugar plantations in the Caribbean

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Sugar was the main crop produced on plantations throughout the Caribbean in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Most islands were covered with sugar cane fields, and mills for refining it. The main source of labor, until the abolition of chattel slavery, was enslaved Africans.

The Sugar Revolution brought about demographic, social, economical and political changes in the British West Indies (Greenwood and Hamber, ). Unlike more broadly based revolutions like the Industrial and Agricultural Revolution, the Sugar Revolution points to the transformative power of.

Caribbean Islands Table of Contents. The sugar revolutions were both cause and consequence of the demographic revolution. Sugar production required a greater labor supply than was available through the importation of European servants and irregularly supplied African slaves.

Many historians use the term “sugar revolution” to denote the establishment of sugar cultivation and processing in the Eastern Caribbean islands, especially Barbados, in the middle of the 17th.

Sugar and slavery gave to the region a predominantly African population. This demographic revolution had important social consequences. Rather than being a relatively homogeneous ethnic group divided into categories based on economic criteria, Caribbean .

Sugar revolution in the caribbean
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What was the Sugar Revolution