Is there anything airbnb could have done to avoid the ej incident how about the aftermath

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NYC Says Renting Out Your Place Via Airbnb Is Running An Illegal Hotel

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How to manage reputational risk. 14 June The key is not always to avoid an incident – which is sometimes not possible – but to ensure a good response should one occur. particularly when you consider that major brands do not have any physical assets at all; take Airbnb and Uber as examples,” she points out.

Airbnb Case Is there anything Airbnb could have done to avoid the “EJ” incident?

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To reduce the aftermath? Though we are looking in hindsight, Airbnb should have had a policy in place about insuring hosts whenever they are burglarized. Please, let’s keep them there In case anyone has forgotten what makes this twosome so gruesome, up they pop to remind us Kevin Spacey and Louis CK have been out in the wilderness.

Is there anything Airbnb could have done to avoid the “EJ” incident? How about its aftermath? Airbnb and eBay are similar in that both companies run online marketplaces that match buyers with sellers.

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Is there anything airbnb could have done to avoid the ej incident how about the aftermath
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