Is the ryder cup overhyped

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Coach's Corner

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PGA Tour Expert Picks: Match Play Championship

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Contact than any other week in golf, the Ryder Cup is essential overload, sometimes suffocating for even the most general golf fan, and nowhere is this helped more than the winning of the Ryder Cup captains.

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I. Up & Down Vijay's victory, Smilin' Marvin and Ryder Cup fallout from the PGA Championship By terribly overhyped and more contrived than the plot of a John Grisham novel. The greatest grandstand in golf is perfect for the most hyped Ryder Cup ever Tour & News A skycam, strung high in the sky by a pair of cranes, will soar over the practice green and up behind.

Is the Ryder Cup overhyped? With the Americans leading ½ and needing only 7 ½ more points on the final day to win their first Ryder Cup sincethe event still. Ryder Irony: I can't golf today.

My allergies are acting up and the ragweed is in full flower. So I watch TV. The Ryder Cup is painfully boring because of the The Ryder CUp is overhyped nonsense.

Monty chooses formidable captaincy line up

It is hyped in a manner to get the *my guys are better* mentality. Unfortunately, that sells most sports. “Captain America,” Nantz added, referring to Reed’s nickname for his steely, stunning play for his country in the Ryder Cup tournament against Europe.

And, in one sense, Patrick Reed had.

Is the ryder cup overhyped
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