Inhabiting the other essays on literature and exile

Emerging perspectives on Dambudzo Marechera.

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Reflections on Exile and Other Essays

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/5. Inhabiting the Other (Essays on Literature and Exile) is a collection of articles from different parts of the world presented in the International Seminar organized.

Reflections on Exile and Other Essays

In fiction, as in life, there are many kinds of exile, as individual as the people experiencing and writing about it.

Martin Tucker, Celeste M. Schrenck, and Edward W. Said, among many other scholars, have written about the general characteristics and implications of exile.

Camilo Carvalho. You Searched For: Inhabiting the Other Essays on Literature and Exile. Sharmistha Lahiri.

Inhabiting the other : essays on literature and exile

Published by Aryan. Inhabiting the Other: Essays on Literature and Exile. Sharmistha Lahiri. Published by Aryan Books International (). Get this from a library! Inhabiting the other: essays on literature and exile. [Sharmistha Lahiri; University of Delhi.

Department of Germanic & Romance Studies.;] -- Contributed articles presented at an international seminar. Inhabiting the Other by Sharmistha Lahiri. Literary inspiration that drew impetus from a state of exile and suffering has engaged the attention of scholars in view of its overwhelming occurrence in contemporary literature.

Texts built around the sign of displacement have allowed readings at multiple levels of space and time leading to shifts in trends in hermeneutics.

Inhabiting the other essays on literature and exile
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