Impact of slavery on the south

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27f. The Southern Argument for Slavery

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Slavery in America’s South : Implications and Effects

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Why did you run stagnant?. Defenders of slavery argued that the sudden end to the slave economy would have had a profound and killing economic impact in the South where reliance on slave labor was the foundation of their economy.

The Economic Impact of Slavery in the South. With its mild climate and fertile soil, the South became an agrarian society, where tobacco, rice, sugar, cotton, wheat, and hemp undergirded the economy. Because of a labor shortage, landowners bought African slaves to work their massive plantations, and even small-scale farmers often used slave labor as their means allowed.

Slavery had an overwhelming impact on the economy, politics, and society of the United States during the first sixty years of the nineteenth century. After the South seceded from the Union and the Civil War began.

The importance of slavery in the South was an important reason for this war to occur in the first place and it eventually led to the decline of the practice in an area that had so vehemently supported it. Defenders of slavery argued that the sudden end to the slave economy would have had a profound and killing economic impact in the South where reliance on slave labor was the foundation of their economy.

Aroundslavery was concentrated in the tobacco‐growing areas of Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky and along the coasts of South Carolina and northern Georgia. Byit had significantly expanded into the Deep South, particularly Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, following the spread of cotton production.

Impact of slavery on the south
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