How is setting used in the film gattaca

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Gattaca Movie Review Summary

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Oct 24,  · “Gattaca” is the remarkable debut of a writer-director from New Zealand, Andrew Niccol, whose film is intelligent and thrilling--a tricky combination- /5.

Confidently conceived and brilliantly executed, Gattaca had a somewhat low profile release inbut audiences and critics hailed the film's originality.

Oct 24,  · Watch video · Although SpaceX didn't exist when the movie was made, the Gattaca corporation now bears a strong resemblance to the ultimate business plan that SpaceX aspires to. See more» For that matter all of the characters in this film bring a little something different to the table that you will see very rarely in any film/10(K).

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Introduction Set in "the near future" Pristine places that emphasizes on perfection Sterile environments 50's and Gattaca The Gattaca Clinic AND Gattaca Corporation.

How is setting used in the film gattaca
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