Hard work is a virtue in the story of how i manage my time

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Hard work is not a virtue

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Hard Work Is a Virtue Every morning at the beginning of class all of the students were expected to watch the morning announcements on the dated television in the corner of my first-block classroom.

We all sat in silence as the slides continued. In hindsight, I was at the right time and place to launch a very successful career.

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Some of the students I trained with are working today as systems analysts at Hewlett Packard. Very little is said about the virtues of hard work in our modern society. Quite the opposite – advertising sound bites tell us that hard work should be avoided at.

Hard work is not a virtue. Capitalism overturns all this. Capitalism presupposes shortage, while at the same time creating shortage.

we have been taught to fear the threat of economic chaos. We have largely been persuaded that hard work is a virtue because an acceptable quality of life depends on it. As long as this belief remains. "My first job was washing dishes in the basement of a nursing home for $ an hour, and I learned as much about the value of hard work there as I ever did later." --Douglas Preston Remember: There are innumerable hacks and tricks to manage your time effectively.

These are some tips that I find helpful, but everyone is different. Let this list be a catalyst to get you thinking regularly about how to refine your own practices.

1. Complete most important tasks first. This is the golden rule of time management. Sep 16,  · Do you believe "hard work" is a virtue in and of itself? Another user asked a question similar to this earlier.

Do you believe hard work is a virtue, independent of anything else? I would say no. My example would be, Einstein. I get much more worn out when I spend time on mental activities than I do when I perform manual labor Status: Resolved.

Hard work is a virtue in the story of how i manage my time
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