De facto standards in the ebook

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De Facto Standards in the eBook Space: Adobe or Microsoft?

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De facto standard

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The emergence of de-facto standards

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There are a several factors to determine on who is the dominant company to control de facto standards of eBook space and we will be breaking it down as below: Publishers Publishers, for most part of it try to appear to be neutral in terms of format. If you're an author publishing commercial fiction, since Amazon has about 65% of the ebook market, you must publish in MOBI to be successful.

If you are an indie author, Amazon has an even bigger percentage of the market for indie authors (anecdotally 80+%), and so it becomes even more crucial. The iPod IS the defacto standard. Apple sells more iPods in a day than Creative sells in nearly a quarter.

The iPod is still the best designed player out there. Sure, Creative has done a good. Which firm is currently in a stronger position to control de facto standards in the eBook space: Adobe or Microsoft or others? As always being a giant company in the publishing industry, Adobe had a great head start advantage over Microsoft in terms of number of content available as well as number.

Indexing is a de facto cut in the capital gains tax, and every capital gains tax cut in modern history has resulted in a rise in capital gains revenue. A standard protocol is a mandated, fixed procedure for completing a task. Often designated by flow chart or spelled out in textual steps, standard protocol may be nationally recognized or de facto--accepted, but not nationally recognized.

De facto standards in the ebook
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