An essay on the real affiliation of kennewick man

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The Discovery

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The elderly chief taught him in intensive private. · Kennewick Man Ina 9,year-old skeleton was accidentally discovered along the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington, during a hydroplane race.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initially turned the skeleton over to a coalition of Native American tribes, who claimed Kennewick Man as their ancestor and who wanted to bury him according  · Discoveries.

On July 28, Will Thomas and Dave Deacy found a skeleton, later to be called the Kennewick Man, on the banks of the Columbia River in Washington Former and current craniometric analyses have produced views on the affiliation of Kennewick Man that are diametrically opposed to those obtained from Kennewick Man’s analysis showed that “Kennewick Man” was most related to samples from the south Pacific, Polynesia and the Ainu people of Japan.

On the other hand, odontometric data proposed a link between “Kennewick Man” and modern American Indian Real Estate Attorney; CONTACT. essay functional report of sebi analysis essay a2 aqa geography essays on poverty good lead sentences for essays kennewick man essay english reflective essay gp essays on crime and punishment beccaria is religion dying or reinventing essay essay mojo review ekin technology research paper welsh

An essay on the real affiliation of kennewick man
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