An essay on the belief of hume in miracles

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Hume on Miracles, Frequencies, and Prior Probabilities (1998)

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Hume on Miracles

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Essay on David Hume on Miracles - Hume’s empiricist ideology clearly informed his position on the topic of miracles. In the following, I will examine Hume’s take on empiricism. From this it will be possible to deduce how Hume’s empiricism played a prominent role in influencing his belief on miracles.

Hume's argument is actually directed against testimony-based belief in the miraculous, although others have extended the argument to the case of miracles directly experienced.

David Hume Misplaced KNOWLEDGE OF Miracles Idea Essay

It proceeds by two steps. Hume on miracles In Enquiry §X, Hume uses his views about our knowledge of matters of fact to reject belief in miracles.

Of Miracles

Before looking at his argument, it is worth noting that there are different ways to define what a miracle is. Three important definitions are.

David Hume and Miracles

Hume also attacks the testimony of those who report miracles. Hume asserts, "We may observe in human nature a principle which, if strictly examined, will be found to diminish extremely the assurance, which we might, from human testimony, have, in any kind of prodigy" (Hume, ). That is, he rests his case against belief in miracles upon the claim that laws of nature are supported by exceptionless testimony, but testimony can only be accounted exceptionless if we discount the occurrence of miracles.

David Hume. Of Miracles (introduction by Antony Flew). La Salle, Illinois: Open Court Classic, David Hume's Anti Miracle Belief Essay Words 7 Pages The problem of miracles is an ancient one that has persisted for most of human history, but that has been addressed with some depth only in the last few centuries.

An essay on the belief of hume in miracles
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