A history of the beatles success in america

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The Beatles

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The Beatles arrive on American shores

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The Beatles in the United States

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Analysing the Beatles' Success

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As anybody who knows me well is aware of, I'm a fan of the Beatles (or at least their music). So, for fun, I've decided to analyse the Beatles' astounding success. After all, there's never been a band like them, and there never will be another one like them, in all probability.

The Beatles were an ultra popular, British rock group that helped shape the s. African American History African History Ancient History & Culture Asian History European History Their first single was a success but it was their second, with the song "Please Please Me," that made them their first number-one hit.

By earlytheir. What is offered here, hopefully, is a representative sampling of activity in those first two “Beatles-in-America” years, mixing in music history, business developments, and news-of-the-times — plus one or two stories that may be new to many readers.

The Beatles' rise to prominence in the United States in February was a significant development in the history of the band's commercial success. In addition to establishing the Beatles' international stature, it changed attitudes to popular music in the United States, whose own Memphis-driven musical evolution had made it a global trend-setter.

On this day in History, Beatles arrive in New York on Feb 07, with varying success. For the better part of a year leading up to their arrival in America on this day in When The Beatles first auditioned for a recording compact inDecca Records rejected them. The band members recall being told "we don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out."Founded: Sep 18,

A history of the beatles success in america
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