A history of the band minor threat

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Minor Threat - Family tree, members, and discography. See how any two items in our family tree are related. You can connect any combination of bands, albums, or artists. After all, he was the primary force behind Minor Threat and Fugazi, two of the most revered rock acts of the past three decades, and he co-founded and continues to run Dischord Records, among the.

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11 days ago · When Minor Threat bassist Brian Baker posted a recent photo of the band, recreating the pose from the album cover, the internet kicked in with the locomotive impact of the EP’s title track. Jeff and I started a new band, Minor Threat, and I moved from playing bass to singing.

Henry, the Teen Idles' roadie, started S.O.A. John Stabb had appeared on the scene and was playing with a band that would become Government Issue. BLACK FLAG 'Six Pack 7" minor threat rollins band SST bad brains husker du PUNK Founded by guitarist/songwriter Greg Ginn, Black Flag exploded out of L.A.

in with a single so confrontational that MCA Records refused to release it, stating that Black .

A history of the band minor threat
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