A biography of w eugene smiths the photographer and the dream street photograph of pittsburgh

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W. Eugene Smith

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7 Lessons W. Eugene Smith Has Taught Me About Street Photography

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Conboy’s response to Dream Street: W. Eugene Smith’s Pittsburgh Project exhibition (curated by Stephenson) has been to rephotograph the city following the master’s lead. Also inspired by Mark Klett’s Rephotographic Survey Project, Conboy sifted through thousands of Smith’s contact sheets at the Library of Congress and prints at Tucson.

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Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Project, edited by Sam Stephenson. This is really worth a look (as mentioned above) if you're interested in Smith's work.


This is really worth a look (as mentioned above) if you're interested in Smith's work. W. Eugene Smith biography - W. Eugene Smith was born in Wichita, Kansas, on 30 December and became a new photographer at the age of He won a photographic scholarship to Notre W.

Eugene Smith. 'Steel Mill Worker, Pittsburgh' A picture of a street sign that reads "DREAM" has a steel mailbox on a post to its left and a Studebaker convertible in the background to its right.

W. Eugene Smith and the Leica, in 1952

A Studebaker convertible is as rare an object as a .

A biography of w eugene smiths the photographer and the dream street photograph of pittsburgh
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Streets of Dreams: Rephotographing Smith’s Pittsburgh | Blue Notes in Black and White